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1000 ways to love the Ravenclaws
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This community is an affliate of the 1000ways community. Here is a place to show all your appreciation of the Ravenclaw House and the people who reside there. Choose one or many of the options from the list below and spread the love!

1 - 100 LJ icons
2 - 100 AIM icons
3 - 100 Drabbles (100 words)
4 - 100 Ficlets (500+ words)
5 - 100 Fanarts
6 - 100 Squees (things you like about the pairing)
7 - 100 Things That Must Be Read (fic recs)
8 - 100 Nice Things About the Fandom (communities, websites, etc.)
9 - 100 Kisses to Remember (in this category, existing ficbits or artwork featuring kisses can be posted, or original stuff as in the other categories)
10 - 100 Things That Remind You of Your Ship (songs, movies, symbols, etc.)

There's only one rule here - no condemning any pairing/character/setting/

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